a b o u t    r e v a t h y

Revathi Komanduri is a senior disciple of Padma Bhushan Guru Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam. She started learning Bharatnatyam at the age of five, but her parents Sri. Pathri Ananda Mohan and Smt . Bala Tripura Sundari decided to put her under the tutelage of Guru . Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam when she was eight. Ever since, her passion for Kuchipudi knew no bounds, however it was not something that came from with in herself , but it was something that came from her Guru. Mastergaru , as he is so lovingly known was everything that a child could look for in a perfect teacher, he was not just an ocean of knowledge and a strict disciplinarian, but was more of a very loving and caring parent in imparting this art to his students. That is why Kuchipudi stands so proudly on the face of the earth , flowing like the Ganga to so many different parts of the world, with no one to stop her.

Revathi has had the fortune of performing in many of her guru’s productions, including, “Srinivasa Kalyanam”, “Rukmini Kalyanam”, “Ardhanaareswaram”, “Gopika Krishna”, “Sri Pada Paarijatham”, and “Sri Krishna Paarijatam”. She has also taken part in many tours of the Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai, traveling with the team to Germany in 1991, and USA in 1994 to name a few.

Revathi was married to Raghuram in 1992 and has settled down in Atlanta ever since. She has been teaching the art of Kuchipudi to many students in Atlanta GA, and started a non profit (501)© (3) organization “Srivaani Kuchipudi Dance Academy “ in 2003. The school has done many arrangetrams and also reproduced Guru Vempati’s production “Menaka Viswamitra” in aid of the Gujarath Earth Quake and Hurricane Katrina.

Revathi was blessed with the “Natya Visharada” and the “Gutti Bindu Madhavi” award in 1994 from the Kuchipudi Art Academy.
She also has a small biannual scholarship after her mother Smt Bala Tripura Sundari , given to students of the school who cherish this art form.

Her children Srikar and Shivaani are also trying to learn this art form .

The conception of the first production of the school came about in 2004.The script and music for the theme of “Sri Vighneswara Vaibhavam” was done by two talented brothers from the village of Kuchipudi , Sri Dandibhotla Narayana Murthy garu and Sri Danibhotla Venkata Srinivasa Sastry garu respectively. Choreography for the lovely script and music started in 2006 . With many revisions to the script and music, going back and forth , the dream of “Srivaani Kuchipudi Dance Academy” is finally going to be a reality on January 10th 2009. And this could not have been possible without the support of Revathi’s husband Sri Raghuram and VIBHA , the main sponsor of the show whose quiet “Saaradhi” in Atlanta GA is Sri Vijay Vemulapalli.

Revathi hopes that with the blessing of her Guru the production will be successful and without obstacles. Though there were umpteen obstacles stopping the progress of this project, Revathi believes that it was the silent strength that she gained from her Guru Vempati garu that dragged her this far, because He has not only taught his students the art form but also instilled in them the character to fight hardships, defeat and rise in the wake of failure while learning from them.

“Na Guror adhikam tatvam, na guror adhikam tapah,
Tatva jnaanaat param naasti tasmai sri gurave namah”

There is no higher truth that the Guru, no higher austerity than service to Him, and nothing higher in knowledge than the realization of what he has given us.

Revathi hopes to do this production as a tribute to her Guru Vempati garu and wishes that he forgives all the follies that may arise in the process of doing so.